MiLOS Designs (MLS : SLCAPEX), the gangbusters young stock that has taken the Second Life Capital Exchange by storm, has been seeking a new director for some time, and may have found it in Kaddan Yue.
In the official public statement CEO Firstdesigns Milos announced, “After assessing all interested parties I have evaluated a suitable candidate for a director position for MLS. I believe that this person knows and understands the retail sector within SL and holds a wide range of knowledge able to accompany myself in driving MLS forward. Kaddan Yue is currently the CEO of OMG! Inc (listed on ACE) and also the VP of ACE. I believe that Kadden holds qualities in herself that are highly valuable.”
The move represents what will hopefully become a more common official cross-exchange cooperation, ending the lengthy Cold War that has pitted each of the 4 exchanges against each other in competition for investors and listed companies.
Cayman Beaumont ws the first to respond, stating, “This could be a match made in heaven. My first impression is very positive. OMG! could however obviously be a potential competitor for MLS or an excellent partner. I would be interested to hear from Kadden on how she intends to assist MLS and deal with areas of potential conflict.”

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